A Personal Assistant for the Average, "Everyday" Person

It’s Saturday morning at 11am and you have two choices: join friends whom you haven’t seen in months for brunch or tackle that long list of errands and huge piles of laundry that desperately needs done. If only you had a personal assistant!

The week flies by and suddenly it’s 7:30pm on Friday night - you haven’t had a chance to get to the grocery store, but your favorite yoga class is tonight. Not to mention the dry cleaners close in 30 minutes, and you still have to pick up your outfit for this weekend. Has this happened to you before?

Saturday night arrives and your stomach is grumbling thinking about dinner. Wait, did you forget to call for a reservation? By now it’s too late, they’re sure to be booked. Sound familiar?

There are never enough hours in a day to accomplish all that we hope to do. As our list gets longer, the laundry pile gets bigger, and the stress of having to do these things grows larger. As we get busier, we forget to do things. Projects and errands weigh down on our minds, serving as a constant distraction. These are the dilemmas of our everyday lives; dilemmas everyone is sure to experience.


It has become the mission at NINE10 to help others escape the torment we have all often felt. Our business model will always be grounded in the idea that we want our clients to STRESS LESS and ENJOY MORE, and we want to give our clients more time to do the things they want to be doing. This will continue to be our motivation at NINE10 Coastal Concierge - a company providing lifestyle/personal assistance for the average, everyday person, just like you.

Reach out about how our Lifestyle Management Services can give you the help you’ve been needing.

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