When you started your business, you knew it was going to take major effort entirely on your part to bring it to life. You’ve been the sales person, marketer, accountant, administrative assistant, janitorial staff and everything in between. Some titles you’ve been qualified for and some, well, not at all; but you’ve made it work and you have built your business over time.

In the beginning you do it all because you can’t afford to pay someone else to do it. Then, you reach a point where your business has grown so much that you can’t handle it all on your own. What a wonderful “problem” to have!

If you arrive at this impasse, and you’re trying to figure out when it’s time to call in some help, watch for these signs:

Clients/Customers are getting bumped repeatedly so you can handle office work. When you don’t have enough time to see clients because you are catching up on office work, filing, general paperwork, invoicing, you need to take a step back and take stock of the situation. How much is your time worth? How much would it cost to outsource office tasks to someone else? How many clients could you see in the time that it takes you to do the office work that you’re currently doing?

Sleep is a Long-Lost Friend. Is your workday so stressful that you have stopped sleeping, sleep less or just have a hard time sleeping well? Are you falling asleep at work? This is not healthy. Burnout is right around the corner, if you are not already there. Self-care is not selfish, is necessary. One of our main goals at NINE10 Coastal Concierge is helping you find ways to STRESS LESS and ENJOY MORE!

“Me Time” and “Free Time” are Basically Non-Existent

You work all day and when you arrive home, you work more. You spend the entire day with clients and completing projects and meeting deadlines. When you arrive home, you end up doing the paperwork and administrative tasks all evening. You miss precious time with family and friends and time to just relax. The busier your business becomes, the busier your evenings become and that also bleeds into your weekends.

While, yes, you can do it all yourself, you don’t have to! And while, yes, it does cost money to outsource office tasks to a third party, but how much time will it free up for you to make money elsewhere? It may be hard to see now, but outsourcing is a cost-cutting measure. How much is your time worth?

Contact NINE10 today for your FREE consultation! Allow us to put together a specialized package that will work for you and your business needs. Allow us to help you grow your business.

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