The Secret to Hiring Service Providers and Vendors

Hiring a service provider and/or vendor can be a difficult and frustrating experience.  Stress no more! We have experience hiring and working with local professionals.  Just like you, we expect a high level of service, reliability and fair pricing. We often know the best in the business, but if we don’t – we will search diligently to find you the perfect company to meet your needs.

Here are a few ways we can help you hire a service provider:

• Asking questions, plenty of questions – We will dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

• Confirming insurance – Always, always hire a service provider that has proper liability insurance. We will request and keep copies of the service providers’ insurance on file.

• Asking for references and checking them – Personal experience from past clients is the best reference the service provider can have. We obtain and check at least two references.

• Reviewing their past or current work – We will stop by previous projects or locations and ask to see a portfolio of similar work.

• Reviewing scopes of work and contracts – Avoid any misinterpretations that may arise throughout the project.

We will meet with the service providers or vendors at your home while they do the estimates and then compile a list for your review. At that time, you will then determine who will receive the contract for work. If you choose, we also have a Waiting Service available and can make ourselves available to meet the service provider or vendor at your home to allow access, oversee the work and lock up after. This will keep you from having to leave work and take time away from other important items in your day.

As always, NINE10 has one goal when we work with you. We want you to STRESS LESS and ENJOY MORE! Call us today to discuss how we can begin doing that for you!

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