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If you are like me, you traveled for the Christmas holiday this year. Sadly, the act of traveling can prove to be exhausting, and the last thing I want to do when I return home is worry about cleaning my home, doing my laundry, making sure I have groceries for the week ahead, etc.

I have always tried to prepare before a trip by making sure my home was clean before leaving, but again, life happens and that doesn’t always happen.

When I started thinking about starting NINE10 and designing services to assist men and women in their daily lives, the need for assistance for individuals who travel frequently, whether it be personally or professionally or a combination of the two, immediately jumped to the forefront. According to the FAA, over 2.7M people fly every day in and out of US airports. That’s a staggering number and doesn’t even take into account the number of people who travel via other mediums, such as cars.

So, how can NINE10 help people like me and like you? People who travel frequently and infrequently; for business and for pleasure; for short trips and for long, extended periods of time; single men, single women or families; service men or women coming back from deployments, etc.

Simple. Allow NINE10 to welcome you home by joining our Frequent Flyer Club! You tell us when you’ll be home, and we will have your house or apartment ready for your arrival.  Wouldn’t it be nice to come back from a long trip to a clean home, clean laundry and linens, and fresh food in the refrigerator?

Our Frequent Flyer Club offers three package options ranging from $50 - $125. You may choose from one of these already established packages, below, or we can create a custom-made package for your specific needs. Our three established packages are:

· The Life is a Highway Package where you supply us with a grocery list, and we will do the shopping, or you purchase online and we will pick up the order and deliver it to your home.  When we arrive at your home, we will clean out your refrigerator of any out-of-date items and fill it with the recently purchased items.

· The Leaving on a Jet Plane Package includes the Life is a Highway package plus your laundry will be washed, dried, folded and put away or hung up.  The Leaving on a Jet Plane services will not exceed three hours.

· The Not All Who Wander Are Lost Package includes the Life is a Highway and Leaving on a Jet Plane packages plus spot cleaning (tidying up, wiping down counters in the kitchen and bath, vacuuming, making beds, removing trash).  Not All Who Wander package will not exceed four hours.

Travel home knowing that you have nothing to do but walk in and relax. Remember, the goal in 2020 is to STRESS LESS and ENJOY MORE and NINE10 is ready to help you do just that! Check out a list of our services here and let’s get started today!

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