What is a 'Day-of Wedding Coordinator'?

The details that go into planning a wedding can feel overwhelming. By the time you arrive to that special day, it can feel like you’re crossing a marathon finish line. The last thing you want is for something unexpected to go awry on the big day. That’s where day-of wedding coordinators can be extremely beneficial.

Day-of wedding coordinators are the best way for you to focus on your wedding, the details and making memories, and not on the minute wedding day logistics.  If you’re unsure of what a day-of wedding coordinator does, here is an overview to help you decide if this is something you’ll want to make your wedding day as stress-free as possible.

Day-Of Wedding Coordinator Responsibilities:

• Vendor check-ins

• Finalize seating charts

• Wedding party check-ins

• Wedding ceremony check list

• Ensure bride & groom eat before


• Prepare final payments

• Create tip envelopes

• Create day-of itinerary

• Gift caretaker

• Pack a day-of emergency kit

Your wedding day is for you, not for last minute, stressful details. If having any, all or a combination of these items handled by someone other than yourself on the wedding day seems like a good idea, then you will want to consider hiring a day-of wedding coordinator.

Contact NINE10 so we can make your wedding day as stress-free as possible with our Simplified Wedding program.

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