What is a Personal Travel Concierge?

A personal travel concierge is similar to a travel agent but goes a step further by not only researching and booking travel, but also offering time-saving services like creating an itinerary, finding childcare, and providing home services while you’re away.

Exploring new places, experiencing different cultures and escaping the routine of everyday sounds like a dream. What doesn’t always sound like a dream is the actual travel planning. Whether you just don’t have time, it gives you anxiety or you just don’t know where to start – the actual planning process can cause many people to not travel at all.

If this sounds like you, you may be interested in a personal travel concierge. Here’s our quick list of ways a personal travel concierge can make your travel dreams a reality:

Research travel destinations: Whether it’s a beach, mountain or desert vacation, a personal travel concierge can research and suggest the ideal location for you.

Book travel: Let a personal travel concierge book your transportation and hotel accommodations.

Create itinerary: A personal travel concierge can suggest, plan and book activities for your vacation.

Childcare: Need childcare while on vacation? A personal travel concierge can find childcare for you.

Home Services: Don’t worry about your home while traveling. A personal travel concierge can arrange for peace-of-mind check-ins, pet sitters and our signature Frequent Flyer Club for when you return.

Although these details may seem small, when completing these tasks falls on the shoulders of one person, the travel planning process can become tedious and time consuming.

If you think a personal travel concierge might be the right fit you, contact NINE10 Coastal Concierge today.

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