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NINE10 Coastal Concierge assists individuals, families and businesses both on-site and virtually with outsourcing needs! From Lifestyle to Business, laundry to administrative services, and Airbnb turnovers to property management, we've got you covered!

Our à la carte packages can be tailored specifically for you, at whatever stage your business and/or life is in.

Again, our goal is to help our clients Stress Less and Enjoy Life More, both at home and at work!

Susanne is diligent, incredible at critical thinking, meets goals, an expert in project management and very capable of independent tasks. She is adept at being tactfully direct when necessary. Susanne's intelligent, seasoned expertise and charming personality will be an invaluable asset to you.

Edward S.

Susanne is a patient and caring friend to all animals! She has a strong affinity to dogs and wants them to all live lives of comfort, fun, and as companions to people. She understands how animals are a part of your family, and that like people, have preferences and quirks that make them unique and cherished. She's a hard worker and will go to all ends to make sure your pet stays happy and healthy in her care.

Kerry N.

Susanne is trustworthy, responsible, and great with pets! She always makes sure when walking her own dog that he gets to adventure, play and sniff anywhere he wants. Fae (my dog) is shy with new people and easily frightened but just by seeing how caring and loving Susanne is with animals I knew she would be a great fit to watch my dog. Fae loves her. She kept me updated with snapchats and texts and my dog couldn’t have been happier. Fae loved Susanne’s company, all the adventuring, and long walks. I highly recommend her for your dog’s next sitter. Wouldn’t you want your dog to be spoiled while you’re away?!

Nicole I

Susanne offers flexibility and dependability when taking care of my fur baby, Scout. She is friendly and a natural dog lover. Scout is always eager and willing to go for walks with her. Susanne has provided daily walks, multiple walks in a day, feedings, medicine administration, and staying with Scout while maintenance men were present. She offers an invaluable service with incredible flexibility. I never have to worry about Scout being taken care of when she is with Susanne!!!! Highly recommended.

Sally K.

Susanne is an extremely conscientious and hard-working professional. She spends the time to understand the rationale behind an existing or new initiative so that she can drive the project to a successful end. She “crosses her t’s” and “dots her i’s.” Susanne’s breadth and depth of skills would add a dynamic and engaging individual to any team or project.

Michael L

With two kids and a husband and working night shift at a hospital, I barely have time to sleep let alone tackle the piles of laundry that just keep piling up! NINE10 Coastal Concierge takes care of this for me. Outsourcing my laundry allows me several extra hours in the week to spend with my family or catching up on my much-needed rest.

Michelle M.

I absolutely love the fact that I don’t have to worry about coming home and tackling a list of household chores after being gone for several weeks at a time. I walk in, exhausted from my travels, and am able to settle right in. The bed is made, laundry is done, house is tidy and there are fresh groceries. I can literally stress less, and it makes coming home that much better.

Travis M.

Owning a vacation rental property, but living outside of Wilmington, makes it difficult to keep up. Knowing that NINE10 Coastal Concierge will be there to flip the property in between rentals alleviates the worry. I know that it will be cleaned well and ready for the next renter. They keep me informed of any damages and any items that need replenished. Such a time saver and helpful service!

Phyllis H.

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