We understand you have a busy life, a high-powered job, tons of responsibilities; you want it all, and our concierge services can free up time for you to stress less and enjoy more.  We maintain your life so you can enjoy it more. NINE10 Concierge Services is here to assist you with all aspects of your life. We give you peace of mind, by giving you confidence that your to-do list is getting done. Look at the services we offer.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please JUST ASK.  We will do whatever possible to accommodate your needs.


Is laundry piling up and taking on a life of its own?  Would outsourcing your laundry save you hours each week? We can come to your home, wash, dry, fold, hang and put away your clothing, or we can stop, pick up your laundry and bring it back, clean and folded within 24-hours.  You choose!


A light run through: unload/load dishwasher, collect and empty trash and recycling, make beds, wipe down surfaces in kitchen and baths, vacuuming and tidy up.  When you have your FREE consultation, we will work with you to develop a customized cleaning plan to meet your needs.


Give us your grocery list and we will shop it, deliver it and put it away.


Let us pick up your dry cleaning, go to the Post Office, stop by the bank, return items to stores or pick up your favorite bottle of wine for dinner tonight.  If we can do it and save you time, we will!


Does planning this summer's family vacation seem daunting and stressful?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have two or three completely vetted options to choose from and just say, “Let’s go with Option B!”?  You can definitely do that by allowing us to do your vacation planning for you. Give us some important details (dates, locations, must haves, won’t work) and we will search for the best deals for airfare, hotels, ground transportation, etc. We will put together several itineraries and options for you to look over and choose from.  
Enjoy your trip and send us a postcard!


Our pets are members of our families and are so very important to us!  Does your fur baby need a walk during the day? We would love to do that.  We can also provide transportation to and from the groomer or vet appointments.  Your four-legged friend is definitely in good hands!


Throw a fun dinner party for any occasion or a themed event with little to no effort or time spent.  We can book a venue, choose a caterer, print and mail invitations, decorate and work as event staff. Your job is to enjoy yourself, and we can take care of the rest.

We will make sure your event runs smoothly with staff to ensure the food is replenished, the drinks are flowing and that everything goes as planned.


Can't be home while the cable is being installed or while your hot water heater is being serviced?  Don't worry.  We will be there to provide access to your home, wait while the work is being done and lock up after the job is complete.